Coming soon: Attached at the Heart

The long-awaited book by Attachment Parenting International Co-Founders Barbara Nicholson & Lysa Parker has been submitted to final edit and will be available this fall!

Attached at the Heart: 8 Proven Principles for Raising Connected and Compassionate Children is the textbook for AP families and offers research, personal anecdotes, tips and techniques for incorporating attachment-promoting activities into family life.

Barbara reflects, “The important message of our book is the title: Attached at the Heart. We want people to trust their heart when all else fails. When it’s the middle of the night and the baby’s crying, and the pediatrician and the mother-in-law have both said to let the baby cry, we want parents to trust their instincts. Instead of worrying “Is my baby going to be messed up if I hold her for 15 more minutes?” we want them to trust their heart. Mothers wouldn’t be in a cold sweat or crying when their children were hurting if they didn’t really instinctually know to always default to the most loving connected thing to do.”

Look for Attached at the Heart in API’s online shop and request it from local retailers this fall! In the meantime, enter your email in the upper right-hand corner of this page to reserve your copy today!

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2 thoughts on “Coming soon: Attached at the Heart

  1. Evony

    Amen! My entire family says I’m “smothering” my child with too much attention. My mother insists that I put him to sleep in his own room. My grandmother says I better stop carrying/wearing him or I will spoil him.
    But it feels so natural to me to have him close all the time. I want to start building our bond now because in a few short years, he will be off to school and I won’t have this time with him ever again.
    I’ve already read “Hold on to you kids” and it made so much sense to me -looking forward to reading Attached…

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